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6 Tactics to Build Your Coaching Resources and Network

Joe Rice

As you read through this list, what other tactics could you use and how many can you reasonably accomplish?

1) Meet with staff. Regularly meet with them to keep communication open and consistent. It will also allow you to brainstorm and try new approaches. When one person is thinking of something innovative, hearing feedback from 3-4 others can help spur that discussion.

2) Books, blogs and videos. There is a ton  of information out there that can help you develop a deep library of resources. Yes, you can plop $50 down and buy a DVD, or you can join a website. Check out blogs on coaching hoops as well as look at some of the groups in LinkedIn to see where relevant discussions are going. Plus this may enable you to connect to a broader group of coaches with an even broader inventory of drills and tactics. Download books on basketball on your Kindle and start to develop an inventory of coaching resources.

3) Meet with other coaches. Get together with the other coaches in the league. Yes, you’re competitive but probably all suffer from the same issues; discipline, parents, motivation. Share ideas with others and get feedback. Provide thoughts and ideas to others. Worst case, you are developing great relationships with your competitors.

4) Clinics. Nothing better than attending clinics. You will get to hear from some of the better coaches, learn new drills and strategies but also enlarge your coaching network. Many coaches are looking to coach at the next level and it’ll be your connections that get you that job more so than your resume. As you go to these clinics to learn new info, also use these to network and get your name out there.

Coaching network

5) Start writing or presenting and get your ideas out there. Start writing your ideas about coaching in a blog or a forum setting. This will force you to really think about how you feel about certain topics as well as allow others to provide feedback. Granted the feedback may be in disagreement but perhaps hearing a different opinion may help you further develop your points. Giving a 20-30 minute presentation on a particular matter will also force you to be able to express your views and opinions. You don’t need to start at the national conference but perhaps the local rec league or state clinic. Start small and keep tweaking that presentation as you garner feedback and response.

6) Attend college practices. Hopefully most coaches are within an hours drive of a college. Introduce yourself to the coach (helps build your network) and attend one of their practices. You will see some new ways of teaching fundamentals, new drills and most importantly, watch how the college coach interacts with the players.

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