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8 Days to Planning Your Season: Days 5-8

Day 5-8

Create those Practice Plans
This is the “parts”. Take the 3 segments of the season and start to develop daily plans that teach those skills needed for each segment. Keep looking at previous plans as you develop current plans to ensure logical progressions, reinforcing and adding new skills.
A few suggestions when creating plans:
1) Just like a teacher’s lesson plan, each practice should have specific objectives and a logical plan to meet those objectives and goals.
2) Stick to your plan. If you have allotted 10 minutes for an activity and your team just isn’t “getting it”, stick to your plan and go onto the next activity. Return to that drill the following practice and determine if the coach could do a better job of explaining/teaching that skill. Too often coaches will stay on the same drill too long and you risk boredom and frustration. Better to just keep moving and return to it later.
3) Schedule Water Breaks!!!
4) Make sure that each practice has new skills being taught
5) Schedule lots of competition, small sided games to teach the tactical applications of the skills.

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