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Few Thoughts on Bookers Blog About Early Recruiting in Lacrosse

Few Thoughts on Bookers Blog About Early Recruiting in Lacrosse

So I guess that Booker received a lot of flak from readers of his blog for actually looking at the positives of early commitments in lacrosse.


With the trend going towards players committing earlier and earlier in their high school careers, Booker was simply looking at a new approach to dealing with it. Rather than complain and be outraged by this practice as most people in the game are, Booker simply tried to see some areas where this might help these players become better players and better leaders. Everyone in the sport is whining about 8th graders verbal commitments but is anyone doing anything about it? Sure, the NCAA and the coaches are looking into ways to curtail but that process has been slow and ineffective. So instead of expending lots of energy complaining about it and having no results, I agree that we need to explore ways to make this situation be positive. It’s happening and it’s going to continue to happen, so what can coaches, teachers, parents and players do to make the best out of this?

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