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Learning to Anticipate Where to Pass Before Receiving the Ball.

Learning to Anticipate Where to Pass Before Receiving the Ball.

Being able to anticipate where you want to pass a ball before the ball is in your possession is one of those factors that separates  average players with elite players. I was reminded this morning of this after I received my weekly newsletter from CoachRB.

Great shooters prepare two passes ahead.
Average shooters just one pass ahead.
Non-shooters catch then figure out what to do next.
     How many times do we see players catch the ball and are slow to react? They take longer to figure out what they should do with the ball? Being prepared to pass or shoot while the ball is 1-2 passes away is a skilled that can be learned through practice. In the following drill, Coach Andy Hilgartner of the McDonogh School shares one of his passing drills he uses with his lacrosse team.
     There are 4 players in a box with 2 balls being passed to a point player. The point player receives the pass and throws to the only player without a ball. Not only does the point player have to know where to quickly pass the ball to but also move in preparation to efficiently and quickly move the ball. This requires opening the hips. This is a great passing drill as there are a lot of reps for all 4 players as well as a great Thinking Drill where the point player has to know where to pass before receiving the ball. The players will get a high amount of reps in a short amount of time. Every 60 seconds, rotate the receiver until all four players get their turn. Then coaches can have receivers use weak hand or work on specific types of catches and passes.

Some key coaching points about this drill:
Work on being alert and knowing where the next pass lis coming from and where it is going
Work on body positioning and getting hips in proper position to receive and throw the pass quickly

Boys Lacrosse 4 Man 2 Balls Passing Drill from Kudda on Vimeo.

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