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New Season Checklist

New Season Checklist

Many of us are starting the Spring Season and this is just a quick reminder of different things that we coaches need to address.

  1. Clearance to coach- make sure you have registered and have completed your background checks
  2. Found a team mom/dad/manager to help organize snacks and other events for the team
  3. Have 2-3 assistants lined up?
  4. Take your assistants out for a “coaches meeting?” Make sure everyone is on the same page
  5. Submitted your roster to the league?
  6. Registered for end of season tournaments?
  7. Made hotel arrangements for out of town tournaments- team mom
  8. Create list of new coaching tactics, ideas that you want to tryout this season- Need Ideas?
  9. Double checked your equipment bag?
  10. Uniforms?
  11. Pre-season parents meeting- see other blog article
  12. Develop a coaching philosophy and stick with it? See previous Blog Post
  13. Developed practice plans in preparation for first contest?
  14. Developed contingency plans when practice is canceled?
  15. Created/developed a TEAM WEBSITE that can help foster communication?
  16. Make sure you have insurance!!! See link to K&K
  17. Distribute the Practice and Game Calendar

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