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Pearls of Wisdom Part 1

Pearls of Wisdom Part 1

Kudda recently solicited comments from our coaches about their Pearls of Wisdom; those observations and truisms that coaches have experienced over the years. Here are the first 10 Pearls of Wisdom.

1) Referees are out to ruin your day… Deal with it!

2) Get your bench players into the game early. Don’t wait until late in the game when the outcome is on the line and the tendency will be to not play them.

3) It’s not about the coach; it’s about the players.

4) Keep post-game comments to a minimum. Nothing beneficial comes from long monologues. No one is really listening anyway and everyone wants to get home.

5) Play, referee and coach games that have a clock. You want to have a life and be able to plan around your sport.

6) Parents care a lot more about winning than their child does. Parents have gone from being “Helicopters” to being “Velcro”.

7) Always take the wind in the first half of a game. If you wait until the 2nd half…the wind always disappears.

8) The bus picking your team up is always late after a loss, especially if it is raining

9) The weakest players have the most obnoxious parents

10) Finding a great “team mom or team dad” is almost as important as having a great assistant

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