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Pearls of Wisdom Part 2

Pearls of Wisdom Part 2

Continuing our list of the best Pearls of Wisdom from all of our Kudda coaches


11) Standing across the sidelines before the game the other team always looks bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter than ours.

12) Nothing good ever came from being a player’s “friend” on Facebook or Twitter.

13) The further you travel for a competition the more likely it is someone forgets something. Be a boy scout and be prepared!

14) Who ever game up with the phrase “girls don’t sweat, they perspire” never worked with female athletes before!

15) Create the post game drink and snack schedule ASAP. Do not let a game go by where there is no post game juice and snacks. Sometimes this is the highlight of the kids days.

16) When a varsity athlete asks if they can tell you a joke (instead of just telling it) the best answer may be “no”!

17) Your best player does not always make the best captain or team leader.

18) Keep Pre-game pep talks, short, clear and positive. This means giving clear directions, short enough for the players to remember and encouraging words to hype players up before playing.

19) Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard. Having the skill to be good at something does not excuse a player from working hard. A player must get better to improve his game, and reach his true potential.

20) Nothing good happens when you make yourself available to parents after a game. You’ll either be criticized for strategy or for not playing a kid enough.







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