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These coaches “Get IT”

These coaches “Get IT”

I was talking with a former student who now coaches on the West Coast about the use of video in the sport of lacrosse. He mentioned that the players out there in California loved watching the Kudda lacrosse games as they could see great HS lacrosse being played. He mentioned that many coaches out there use the games as a teaching tool to help educate their players. They can practice various scenarios all they want but to see the players from BL, McDonogh, Gilman or St Marys run these same plays really left positive impressions on the players. So we’re very excited that the Kudda games are helping develop lacrosse players all over the country.

The coach then asked how we were able to get all of the games for the MIAA onto Kudda. I explained that the MIAA coaches realized that they were all getting scouted and videotaped anyway, so why not make it more efficient and remove the need to scramble and borrow dvd’s from each other? They wanted to make the videotaping as transparent as possible.  Not only would the games be available to watch on Kudda but the actual video files would be available through a file share process. Now coaches could get any video of any team and put it in their scouting software to break down. For the coaches, the process and headaches of arranging the videotaping and getting copies of game footage was removed from the table. They could focus their efforts on doing what these coaches do best; teaching the game of lacrosse. There was a level of openness and trust among the coaches that I have not seen in any other league. The MIAA coaches simply “Get It!”

The LA coach was floored by this Baltimore culture. He couldn’t imagine coaches out there agreeing to share video of games on such a broad scale. As he made these comments, I chuckled, thinking about other leagues and conferences that either have rules prohibiting videotaping, or coaches who literally freak out thinking about the fact their games will be available for future opponents to scout. (Hey, it’s 2014) As a result of these blocks, we haven’t expanded our coverage of great HS lacrosse into other areas or been able to cover some great teams. However, as frustrating as that has been, it makes me very appreciative of the coaches in the MIAA. They may be very competitive with each other but when the final whistle blows, there is a level of respect for each other and they want to do what is best for the players and the league. Having all of their games available on line helps to promote the players and the league. Many thanks to the coaches for allowing Kudda the opportunity to showcase your league.


It seems more and more organizations are utilizing this powerful medium as a source of education and the variety of videos out there is widespread. The coach had formed his own development league and was looking for

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