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Quiet Strength

Quiet Strength

I just finished reading Tony Dungy’s “Quiet Strength”. It’s a summary of his playing and coaching experience and how his spiritual side has helped guide him. I’m not one to quote scriptures nor do I read the Bible. And I don’t like having that forced down my throat either. Some may find Quiet Strength as having too much Bible connecting to coaching. I found it a pleasant change, a different perspective to coaching. Many of the scriptures and quotes were very relevant to coaching and working with others. The one that I felt was important was how Dungy was explaining to his players that it was the journey to the championship, not just about winning the championship. I believe the Bible quote was something along the lines of, “if you conquer the world, what about your soul… I’ll have to double check the exact wording.
It was a different approach to coaching. It was about here is how to run a team. Great balance between coaching and spiritual side.

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