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Coaches Need to Control Their Players

Kudda was at the McDonogh Penn Charter lacrosse game this afternoon which McDonogh won easily 14-5. Kudda is looking at broadcasting an MIAA lacrosse game of the week and Booker Corrigan and Kudda are getting the logistics worked out.

McDonogh had two of their first midfielders knocked out of the game by cheap shots from #4 of Penn Charter. #27 Connor Rockefeller was knocked unconscious by a dirty late hit by #4. You’ll see #4 take 5-6 steps after Rockefeller had thrown the pass and laid a blindside hit on him. I was disappointed that the refs didn’t immediately eject the thug and even more disappointed that Penn Charter head coach Pat McDonough didn’t sit him down. A few minutes later #4 once again gets a late dirty hit on McDonogh midfielder #11 Keegan Michel, knocking him out…again no ejection. And Coach McDonough left this thug remain on the field. I know Pat is better than this, but why keep him in? Word is that he did not see the hits and had no idea of how vicious they were. Still , he had to have noticed the aftermath? Same player called for late hits and 2 opposing players knocked out. You might not have seen the actual hits but logic dictates what happened.

So this leads me to ask, just how much responsibility should be placed on the coach? Aren’t coaches responsible for the actions of their players?

We can also whine and complain about refs missing calls but when they don’t do their #1 job, protecting the players, they should be suspended or publicly called out. Totally disgusting!!! Why did the refs allow this player to continue?

Kudda has removed the actual video of the hits from Youtube after Coach McDonough received several emails denouncing his program. It wasn’t our intent to blast Pat and his program at Penn Charter but rather to point out how coaches need to be in control of their players, especially when those players exhibit the intent to harm their opponents.

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