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Is This True? Winning and Coaching Boys and Girls

Is This True? Winning and Coaching Boys and Girls

Is the following true?

Boys have to win to feel good
Girls have to feel good to win

This is a very simple phrase that has lots of implications.

It suggests that:

  • Boys play sports for the thrill of winning while girls play sports for camaraderie.
  • There is more psychological and emotional factors for girls before they start to play
  • There are some post-game strategies that coaches should employ, depending on the sex of the players.
  • The coaching relationship and overall team chemistry with girls has a bigger impact on their performance than it does for the boys.

So what are the implications as a coach?

1) If you coach girls, understand the importance of the emotional state of the players as well as team chemistry issues. Perhaps you need to address these issues rather than ignore them.

2) Maybe understand that the socializing that occurs during practice, with the appearance that the girls are not focused, is actually important to the team being able to perform at a high level. This socializing helps them bond which helps them perform better.

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