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Liability Issues

Protective and safety devices for Youth Athletics
Lack of safety devices creates a liability exposure

While attending a Little League Baseball game I witnessed a foul ball go into the stands. In itself this is not an issue, but when you take into account that there is not a fence down the third base line protecting players or fans this creates a liability exposure. No one was injured; however the propensity for an injury is great. The local organization does not own the property that they play on however that does not release them from the exposure. The “I didn’t know” defense would not have merit. Had a player or fan been injured during this event the organization as well as the property owner could be held liable for any injuries that could arise from such a situation.
The solution to this issue was solved by installing a twelve foot high fence down the third base line. This cost was absorbed completely by the organization with the hopes to prevent any unnecessary injuries.
Fencing around a playing field may not be the only exposure you have when it comes to the fans. What is the condition of the stands? Do they provide a safe place for the fans to sit, or are they the same stands your great grand parents watched your parents play. Even if you have no ownership in the property, knowing that the property is safe is in your organizations best interest.
For more information regarding youth athletics and liability insurance, please visit the K & K icon on this website.

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