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Pre-Season…Right Around the Corner

Like a lot of you, I’m in that one week of the year where I’m in between seasons. Just finished coaching the U-13 girls basketball and am getting ready for U-13 girls lax which starts next week. As I’m getting fired up for the lax season, I find myself going through some advice that the Kudda coaches have given in regards to the start of the season. Fun and Fundamentals!!! Coaches have got to stress the fundamentals while keeping it fun. Still need to do the shuttle lines and passing drills but also need to make sure we have time in practices to scrimmage and just play. I had the pleasure of working with Brian Duncan, former head coach at Essex Junior College and current assistant at Jacksonville, last week and he offers more advice about early season practices. Scroll down the clinics list to Brian Duncan.

You can also check out the a previous post for Youth Practice Plan below.
Here is a recommended time for each of the areas w/in a 2 hour practice.

  • Warmup 10 min
  • Stickwork 15 min
  • Ground Balls 10 min
  • Transition 15 min
  • Position 10 min
  • Settled ½ field 15 min
  • Full field 20 min
  • Special..EMO, Shooting 15 min

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