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Rundown on Summer Lacrosse Tourneys- Boys

For all of these, please check the dates. For more information on college recruiting, see the following Kudda videos on recruiting

  • Rutgers MVP- June 13-15th… Run by Rutgers University is a team camp. Players stay at one of the many campuses at Rutgers in AC dorms. Teams check in on Friday w/ their first game that night. They have 3 more games on Saturday w/ one last game Sunday before playoffs begin. They have 10 fields and lots of teams in attendance. At each of the fields they had 4-5 college coaches w/ more watching the better teams. I would recommend skipping staying in the dorm and just staying in a hotel in your parents. Parents are already paying for a hotel to stay… save some bucks and stay w/ parents. Try to get other parents to do the same. Plenty of hotels around the area. Pretty isolated campus as far as finding a close place to eat. Actually have to go downtown as there is nothing convenient.
  • Top 205, June 21-24? is run by Tony Seaman, Tierney and Cottle. Hosted at Towson University. Players stay overnight in the dorms which have AC.
    In order to get into this camp, HS players need to be recommended by their HS coach. I’m not sure if there is a limit of how many recommendations each coach can submit, I’m thinking eight for some reason. Players arrive on a Saturday and there is a tryout/evaluation that night w/ team selections taking place. Sunday morning is a team practice followed by 2 games later in the day. There are 3 games Monday w/ a final game on Tuesday morning. The teams are coached by college coaches from different levels. There are 4 fields that have games but most of the coaches stayed on the 2 adjacent fields so they could watch a half of one game and then turn their chairs around to watch the other game. There seemed to be 75-100 coaches watching those games. If you’re not scheduled to play on that field…chances are slim that college coaches will see you play.
    There is an All-Star game scheduled, although it was canceled last year due to the New York players having to leave early to take their exams.
  • Ultimate Performance Lacrosse- June 27 & 28
    Run by John Tillman and Charlie Toomey. They have 2 sessions. From a parent’s point of view, this is the best camp/tourney. Teams have 4 games during the day with an hour off in between. Simply a round robin format with no playoffs… just play. Make sure to bring extra middies as it is hot and they play a lot of lax in a short amount of time. Lots of college coaches are there with the majority of them hanging out at the stadium field. If you’re out of town, Annapolis is a short drive and I would recommend staying near there. Especially if you’re playing on both days. They also have another tourney in the Fall with the same format and exposure. The Fall tourney is key for those juniors trying to get seen one more time.
  • Gait Cup- July 2-5. Run by Gettysburg College. Players stay in the dorms…some have AC while others do not. Club teams sign up and are guaranteed 7 games. The first 5 are round-robin and then teams are seeded for a tournament.
    Teams arrive on Wednesday afternoon with the first games played Wednesday night. They have 3 more Thursday and 1 more Friday morning before playoffs. Depending on the field location, you could have 8-10 college coaches watching or on some fields…none. Seems that some teams didn’t get to play on the high-visibility fields while others were always there. I didn’t see as many college coaches as I have seen at other tourneys.
    There is also an All Star game Friday night which is well attended by college coaches, as well as all of teams. Very supportive crowds!!!
    Unfortunately, the scheduling of this camp coincided w/ July 4th weekend as well as the Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. Getting around Gettysburg and trying to find a hotel room was very difficult.
  • Shootout- July 20-23. This is also a team camp…more so HS teams instead of Club teams. Run by Don Zimmerman at UMBC and Dave Ulrich from Georgetown. Teams play 1 game Sunday w/ 3 each on Monday and Tuesday. There is one more on Wed as well as a playoff game or two. They have 4 games going on at a time and there are 15-20 college coaches at each of the games. Very easy to get in and out of. Very easy to watch other teams play before or after team plays. Plenty of hotels in area.

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