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Trying to Find More Coaches

My coaching resources are drying up. I’ve been fortunate that over 40 coaches have contributed their content. Many of these were coaches I had worked with or friends of friends who believed in the idea of a free resource for coaches. I do have 3-4 coaches ready to go…just a matter of actually doing the videotaping. However, reaching out to new coaches… total strangers and convincing them that contributing their time and content to the site will help coaches all over…tough to do. Main question is “Will I get paid?”
It takes about 2 hours of their time to do the actual video work. It may take them a few hours before gathering their ideas, arranging for players and fields… but after the video session, I do everything else. The coach is pretty much finished except dealing w/ the paparazzi with their new found fame as being a Kudda-coach.
So I’m hoping that there are a lot of other coaches who would love to contribute and help grow their sport. I’m very interested in getting coaches from Field Hockey, and Ice Hockey to contribute. I’m just not connected with those coaches and those communities to be able to even start.
If you’re interested or know of a great teacher or coach, please contact me at joe@kudda.com

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