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Coaches Pre-Season Parents Meeting

Coaches Pre-Season Parents Meeting

Kudda HIGHLY recommends that coaches hold a Pre-season meeting with the parents. This is a valuable opportunity to connect with the parents and help them understand what to expect from you. Take the initiative and be PRO-ACTIVE.

Avoid these Common Mistakes coaches make in this meeting:

  • On the field right after practice or game. Parents are not listening to you as they are more focused on getting out of there and on their way home.
  • Don’t prepare for the meeting. Coaches attempt to wing it and talk at their parents for 20 minutes. Parents lose focus after 2-3 minutes and your message is not received. You also run the risk as appearing unorganized and this will cause the parents to wonder about how you organize practices and games.
  • It‘s all about the Rules. “Don’t do this and Can’t do that.” Takes on a negative tone.
  • Coach TALKS for the entire time. Again, very ineffective.

Here are some ideas of topics to cover and how to efficiently reach out to the parents

1) Have VISUAL PowerPoint… lots of pictures and Images rather than text. Use this as a guide and for the parents to see while they listen.

2) Have other handouts such as

  • Expectations
  • Philosophy
  • Schedule both practices and games
  • Contact info

3) It should be a requirement for all parents to attend and it should be held in a setting where there are little distractions. We suggest a separate room or a place where people can sit down. When people stand, they lose focus quickly.

4) Philosophy- here’s your chance to tell the parents what you’re all about as a coach. What do you value and what is important to you? Is it about winning the championship or to improve everyday?

5) Expectations- Kudda recommends that you give a handout of your expectations to the parents. Some coaches have both the parent and player sign this sheet. During the meeting, refer to it, mention 2-3 of the main ones and then move on. DON’T spend the entire meeting going over every expectation

6) Have the captains talk- give your captains the opportunity to exercise some leadership. Have them talk about why they love the sport and what they hope to accomplish this season.

7) Have team mom talk- Allow your parent liaison a few minutes to share their plans for the season. This allows them the time to get snacks and refreshment signups going as well as sharing any news about team events.

8) Review schedule- Give them a handout. Point out Key Dates only

9) Example of practice see examples

It should NOT be a RULES meeting. Be upbeat, let them get a sense of you as a coach/ person

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