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Coaching Both the Technical and Tactical Skills

Coaching Both the Technical and Tactical Skills

There are two types of skills that coaches should be teaching their players. Many coaches focus only on the Technical Skills, the fundamentals and mechanics needed to play that particular sport. The preferred method is doing lots and lots of drills to reinforce these skills. These may become boring to the players and cause them to lose interest or effort. Where many coaches falter is in teaching the Tactical Skills of the sport. How does a players apply the Technical Skills in a game-like situation? Do they know when to pass or shoot? What should they do with the ball? Do they understand what the defense is doing, or what the offense is doing? The ability to apply the fundamentals and properly execute those skills in competitive games is called the Games Approach to coaching.

For each sport there are various ways to incorporate the Games Approach and work on the Tactical Skills. Small-sided games in sports like basketball, soccer and lacrosse should be utilized. For example, teach the skill, drill the skill and then gradually progress to applying that skill in a game like situation using small-sided games will promote the teaching of both the Technical Skill and Tactical Skill.

To see a great model of how to go from teaching the skill, to adding more competition check out this series of videos for Rebounding Progressions.


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