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Coaching Quandary

Coaching Quandary

Should coaches focus on coaching to win or coaching to improve skill development?

For example, should the 9-10 rec coach have his players stay in a zone defense, (maybe a box and 1 for basketball or Isolation in lacrosse) which might help them win games, or should they play man to man in order to develop better defensive skills? Yes, the Box and 1/Isolation defense may help them win the championship but are those players going to improve over the course of the season? Are they learning skills that will help them the following season and further?

Why not teach the game and skills through 3v3 in basketball and small-sided games in soccer and lacrosse? They will learn fundamentals and be able to apply those skills in a 3v3 setting. They will have increased touches, more opportunities to make decisions, more opportunities to cut, pick and go back-door. They will have more opportunities to “see the game” and apply the skills in game situations. They will learn how to play proper man to man defense. Those players will develop their skills and learn How to Play instead of just learning Plays. May not be as organized with set plays but the players will know How to Play. May not win championship like the team that has some set plays or a funky defense but players will know How to Play. What is more important, winning the 9-10 championship or getting players ready for the future?

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