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Practice Plan Ideas to Keep your Baseball Practice Energetic and Fast Pace

Practice Plan Ideas to Keep your Baseball Practice Energetic and Fast Pace

1) You can never have too many baseballs for practice. The more baseballs, the more small-sided groups you can have. You can have multiple hitting stations, tees and short toss, plus 2-3 BP sessions all going on at once.

2) Keep groups small to increase reps and increase touches. Instead of having BP on the field and giving each player 8 cuts while making them shag for 45 minutes…why not split into two groups. Have BP in left field corner and another group have BP in right field corner. Either goes by twice as fast or they will get twice the number of reps…maybe even more?

3) 2-2-2 Method. Meet with 2 players before practice, 2 players during practice and 2 players after practice. Discuss their strengths, areas to improve and get working on, their role and playing time. Keep these conversations consistent. Build relations with each player and show them you want them to improve.

4) Keep the length of time of each drill and activity appropriate length. The younger the players the shorter the intervals should be.

5) Teach the skill, drill the skill and then apply that skill in game-like situations. Use this model to develop your practice plans. Think…PROGRESSIONS of 1 skill instead of having 5-6 skills in one practice.

6) Always have some form of competition in every practice. Helps to keep it fun as well as teaches kids how to compete.

7) Don’t forget to schedule water breaks. As temperature increases, so should the frequency of water breaks.

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