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Scrimmage vs Short Games in Practice

Scrimmage vs Short Games in Practice

Kudda recommends that coaches play “short games” instead of a 20 minute scrimmage next time in practice. Most games are made up of 3-4 minute segments/short games. How often do you see momentum swings and the flow of the game shift every 3-4 minutes. Mimic what happens in the game within your practices. If you ever watch the college coaches, they rarely let their players go for more than 3-5 minutes at a time. (Actually noticed this while working with college basketball coaches.)

Many youth coaches use the last 20 minutes of practice to go full field and notice that halfway through the players start to get sloppy. Instead, play 6 three minute game where you keep score, teach game type situations, make substitutions, just like you do in a game! This will also help to keep the intensity up during these segments. Plus, perhaps you could rotate a group out and have them work on a specific skill so that you have less standing around on the sidelines.
Take a hint from the college game and use short games in your practices.

Remember the old coaching adage that players play games like they practice and coaches coach games like they coach in practice! Therefore use the small games approach to keep the scrimmages more like the actual games.

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