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Summary of Webinar of Applying Emotional Theory to Coaching

Summary of Webinar of Applying Emotional Theory to Coaching

Last week I attended a webinar presented by Dr Jeff Huber, one of the leading experts on coaching psychology. The full webinar can be accessed here and Kudda recommends that all coaches spend a few minutes learning about how to better reach your athletes.


In the webinar Dr Huber covers the concept of the Emotional Paradigm where Thoughts affect Emotions and Emotions affect Performance. He discusses ways coaches can help players peak their Performance by affecting their Thoughts. Think about it, each player needs a different type of motivation; some are better when they are mad, some perform better when they are relaxed and focused. How do you know what method to use for each kid? The key is to experiment early in the season and see what method works best. It really comes down to developing a relationship with each player and figuring out what their Individual Zone of Optimal Function (IZOF) as coined by Yuri Hanin. Not only does Dr Huber cover ways to get athletes into their “Zones” but also how to keep them there throughout the competition. Imagine being able to get every single player playing at their peak performance? Do you think it’s worth a few minutes of your time as a coach?

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