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Utilizing Stations to Maximize Your Batting Practice For Both Softball and Baseball

Utilizing Stations to Maximize Your Batting Practice For Both Softball and Baseball

Here is an excellent way to efficiently utilize the hitting portion of your practice plan. Rather than having On-field BP with one player hitting, one player on deck and 20 players standing around shagging, here is a better use of this time.

The goal: The goal is to maximize number of quality swings, minimize the standing and shagging and to minimize the time needed to complete the hitting portion.

The Process: 15 minutes prior to the start of hitting, get 2 players starting through the rotation. As group completes the first station, send in 2 more players. Do this as you are completing previous drills such as defense fundamentals or cutoffs. For example, the OF may come in after their IF/OF portion or if you are working with 2 pitchers in the bullpen, while the rest of the team is working on fielding mechanics/drills, send in the 2 pitchers to start the hitting rotation.


Station 1 is Tee Ball into net/screen. Each player goes through top hand, bottom hand and other tee ball drills as seen here: (Note only Kudda members can view)


Station 2 is Soft Toss The players then rotate to soft toss in pairs working on same fundamentals as in Tee Ball station

Station 3 is short batting cage. Have coach 20-30 feet away tossing underhand to work on tracking

Station 4 On field hitting. Develop situational hitting sequence where you require a sacrifice bunt, balls hit to right field, line drives and hard grounders before swinging for the fences.

After player hits, they run the bases. Start at 1st base and wait for sacrifice bunt. At 2nd and 3rd base, react to hit balls. Return to 1st and repeat.

After running…return to field to shag balls and send in players to start at Station 1.

Shaggers: Have 1 person collecting balls in short CF protected by screen and 1 person feeding balls to the BP coach. Helps keep the pace of hitting up and less waiting on balls to be collected.

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