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90 for 90. 90 Programs in 90 Days

90 for 90. 90 Programs in 90 Days

     Kudda’s mission is to help coaches become GREAT coaches. We feel that the impact a GREAT coach has on the players is exponential. A coach will impact 15 players a season or possibly 40 players a year. Over the coach’s lifetime over 500 players may be positively impacted. We want to help coaches become GREAT. It doesn’t matter if you coach in a large rec program, school, college or a small program with LIMITED resources; all coaches deserve the right to become GREAT. At Kudda, we want to to help those coaches who are in need of better coaching training, resources, tools and practice plans.

     Starting on February 1st and continuing for the next three months Kudda is proud to launch our “90 for 90” program. Kudda will be giving away free accounts to programs that are in need of coaching resources in areas that are underserved. Kudda’s goal will be to help 90 programs in 90 days gain the valuable resources to help their coaches become GREAT.

If you know of worthy programs or schools in areas that are economically depressed, please contact us at Kudda.webmaster@gmail.com and tell us why this program is deserving.


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