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Ask Preston Smith your Volleyball Questions

Ask Preston Smith your Volleyball Questions

Calling all volleyball coaches. If you have a question that you would like Preston Smith to answer, please submit them below.

When teaching correct passing form, should the right foot be slightly forward (for a right handed player) or is it okay for the left to be forward–as long as shoulders/platform are towards target/setter? What is correct teaching in regards to feet besides you should be still on contact vs. running through the ball?
SACS, To be honest I’m really not set on either foot forward, my main concern is the passer being balanced on contact. Most coaches I know use the right foot slightly forward. This is because it creates a more comfortable angle for the passers platform. This is true unless you are to the right of the target area then it is opposite. Regardless, my concern is the angle of the passers platform. What ever angle a passer shows with their platform is to where the ball is going. The ball only knows the angles we show it. I just want my passers to be still on contact (if possible) and to create a correct angle as early as possible to the setter/target area. This will also help the setter anticipate where the ball is going to go before the player actually touches it. The shoulders should stay down and square to where the ball is coming from, and the platform should angle to the target. As far as left or right handed, I don’t think that will make a difference on a passers feet. I hope this answers your question…good luck!


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