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All Kudda Lacrosse Team

After broadcasting countless HS lacrosse games in the Baltimore area this Spring, Booker Corrigan and myself have put together the All-Kudda Team. Some selections may be the same as the All-Metro and UA teams but we’re focus on the players who we, as coaches, would love to have on our team.  For the players, being selected to the All Kudda team is a tremendous honor and looks great on any lacrosse resume!! Watch out as next year Quint and the big boys will be talking about these players as a former All-Kudda.

This list is comprised of players that I want on my team to start the
season. They are chosen based on their ability to compliment each other,
push the ball, and score goals. This all Kudda team does not run settled

Wells Stanwick Boys Latin Finds the backside pass better than anyone ….. and can sting corners.

Jay Carlson St Pauls Cuts to the backside and can make plays in traffic. And
has nailed more bouncers than Paris Hilton.

Rustin Bryant Hereford Only covered one Hereford game but this kid does it all.  Ankle breaker, passer, man up cranks — Geez, I saw him fillin’ water bottles.

Rylan DePol St Marys Led his team to the Semi’s which is no small feat in this
league. Headed to Airforce to continue dropping bombs like Bootsy Collins

Tyler Frederick McDonogh QB of the most improved offense in the MIAA. Fed his team mates better than the $9.99 Golden Corral special


Play the whole field and we get shots within 10 seconds of
getting the ball over midfield……. you only get yelled at on this team
for not shooting.

Andrew Barton/Alex Chay St Pauls …. they play as a package as well as any tandem I have seen since Daly and Dumont.

Tony Rossi Calvert Hall “Big play” presents and interesting conundrum as he can make plays all over the field and bounced around from attack to middie.

Keegan Michel McDonogh …. can face off and can bring the noise righty or lefty.

Conor McRoy Spalding How do you spell Work – fricking – horse. He plays the whole field for the whole game.

Brian Cooper Spalding Injury held him back and them he puts his heart on the field in the quarters. Led his team to great heights. New collar bone, please.

Jeff Chase Boys Latin Wisdom, Speed and Intensity. The all Kudda combination. Took over the semi-finals vs McDonogh

Connor Doyle Gilman Really coming on, but needs to be consistently logged onto the 3G network

Short Stick D middies

I hate the idea of guys not ready to score goals — or chicks for that matter — but in this day and age we come out of a defensive time out with

Gabe “off to the races” Macis McDonogh

Seth Krolus Loyola
and one of them will beat you down, and the other will push the ball up
the field and keep cutting. Neither will make a mistake.


Joe Meuer McDonogh I heard one kid he was guarding all day plead ” Make him stop, make him stop” – and Joe already had a goal and an assist in this game
Emmit Cahill Loyola Leader, stopper, scorer. I love long sticks scorers. ( that’s what she said)
Alec Mitchell St Pauls 4th quarter and overtimes vs. BL this kid went bananas and took the game over with out talkin smack or pounding his chest. Finally recovered from injury

Matt Dusek Hereford Led Hereford to a Three-peat State Championship and his Mother is a
Pastor.  Between him and Seth Krolus ( father is a minister) the All-Kudda now has God on it’s side too… can I get an Amen !!???

Drew Foard Severn This kid has a ton of funk in his bag. Voted by several MIAA Attackmen as the toughest 1-1 defender.


Greg Dutton Calvert Hall Stud. With just enough attitude to throw a couple sky-whammies on the run.

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